2017– Present: Member of the Association

Date of Birth: 10 May 1977

Place of Birth: Péterfalva

Place of Residence: Tiszapéterfalva, Transcarpathia, Ukraine


1994-2000 Béla Erdélyi College of Fine Arts, Department of Ceramics

2001-2006 Lviv Academy of Arts, Department of Art Ceramics  


Work experience:

2003- After graduating from the Academy, he returned to teach at Tiszapéterfalva Art School

2004 - 2017 Director of the Tiszapéterfalva Art School


Additional Information:

1997Present: Has painted more seriously. Although it is mostly in a realistic style, expressionism and impressionism are very close to him. Also loves decorative and abstract art.

Member of Mihály Munkácsy Society of Fine Arts of theCommunity of Hungarian Intellectuals in Transcarpathia (MÉKK).Permanent participant of the Association's Group Exhibitions. Lives and works in Péterfalva.


Solo exhibitions:

2007 - Péterfalva Gallery 

2011 -Beregovo

2012 -Kiev

2015 – Vinogradov

2016 - Uzhgorod 


Group exhibitions:

2016 – Budapest

2007-2017 Uzhgorod

2016 - Beregovo

2010, 2011 Tiszapéterfalva

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