2012– Present: Association member  

Date of Birth: 26 August 1949

Place of Birth: Ungvár (Uzhgorod)

Place of Residence: Ungvár (Uzhgorod), Transcarpathia, Ukraine


1974 - Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Kiev State Fine Arts Institute



2012 - Member of the Imre Révész Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists in Transcarpathia. Employs several different techniques, but works mostly in pastel.

2005 - Founder member and co-president of Mihály Munkácsy Society of Fine Arts of theCommunity of Hungarian Intellectuals in Transcarpathia (MÉKK). Permanent participant of the Mihály Munkácsy Fine Art Camp in Tiszahát.  Takes part in group exhibitions of Mihály Munkácsy Society of Fine Arts of MÉKK.

2007– Present: Member of the Ukrainian Fine Arts Association 

1984– Present: Member of the  Ukrainian Architectural Association


Solo exhibitions:

1989, 1999, 2004, 2007-2015 Uzhgorod

1989-1991, 2010 .Hungary

1991-1992  Czech Republic

2008 - Cultural Centre of Nationalities inTranscarpathia, Uzhgorod.

2009 - Hungarian House (Beregovo),Bene Village House (Bene).

2009 - Exhibition of life’s work, Uzhgorod Gallery, Uzhgorod.

2009 - Bártfa (Bardejov, Slovakia)

2015 - Uzhgorod Hungarological Centre


Group exhibitions:

1984-2015 Transcarpathian Exhibitions of Transcarpathian Artists (Uzhgorod)

1984-2015 Exhibitions of Ukrainian artists (Kiev).

December 2000 – January 2001 Millennial Exhibition of Fine and Applied Artists in the Carpathian Basin, József Boksay Art Museum,   Uzhgorod

2006 - Exhibition of Transcarpathian painters in Budapest.

2007-2012 Péterfalva Gallery, Péterfalva.

2009 - Hungarian House, Beregovo

2010 - Sárospatak, Szirmabesenyő.

2013-2018 Exhibition of the Imre Révész Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists in Transcarpathia

2007- 2017 Art exhibitions of Transcarpathian Folk Art and Folk Architecture Museum, Uzhgorod (Munkácsy Mihály Society of Fine Arts of the Community of Hungarian Intellectuals in Transcarpathia)



If I look at the document certifying my qualification, it has архитектор, i.e. architect in Cyrillic ornate lettering on it.  My qualification is evidenced not only by these lines in my diploma but also by numerous houses and buildings combining features of various architectural styles and functions that have been planned and designed by me. Over the course of my professional career and looking out of the designed windows, I began to really notice the outside landscape.  “Breaking down” the walls around the design table, my interests began shifting towards painting and graphic art. For a long time architecture was the prevailing mode of my expression but it has changed. Today, it is graphic and pastel that have become particularly decisive for me. I have always admired the systems that exist in nature, its structure and organisation. So I believe that considering both environmental and natural conditions is an important keystone to the design of a building.  Therefore, different environmental factors can also be used in planning.  In the first, design stage of the creative process, standing in front of the white paper, we can see the structure of a building within the natural landscape and the emerging image is taking form in the master’s creative hands.

I have to admit that pastel dust is my basic material of graphic art. Whatsmore, there is an interesting duality in it.  The basic painting technique material balancing on the borderline between painting and grafic arts is chalk, fine powder formed into sticks.  This rigid and brittle stick hides the softness that comes to life on paper through the touch of hands and caressing fingers; I have chosen landscape, more precisely, the landscape of Transcarpathia as the theme for these paintings.

In Transcarpathia, the mountains take over the role of walls which at different ages had opened up and and let us in, to one another and then blocked us from each other.  However, they had always protected the colourful cavalcade of people living at their foot. In fact they have become an indelible part of our lives. this "house" many of us live. As a result, different nationalities and traditions have created a cultural formation that has inspired a lot of people including me, by the idea of creating artwork.

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