2007– Present: Member of the Association  

Date of Birth: 25 July  

Place of Birth: Uzhgorod, Transcarpathia, Soviet Union

Place of Residence: Botfalva, Transcarpathia, Ukraine

Email: trobert697@gmail.com


1980-1984 Zoltán Bakonyi Studio.

1985-1987 Studies at László Petrecki’s Graphic Design Workshop.


Additional Information:

1988-1989 Performed military service in Kharkov, where I dealt mostly with artistic work.

Returned home from military service, got married and settled in Botfalva settong up a workshop there.



2003- Became member of the Association of Professional Artists of Transcarpathia.

2007– Present: Member of the Imre Révész Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists in Transcarpathia



1997 - Solo Exhibition on the occasion of the Hungarian Book Day at the Transcarpathian Regional Scientific Universal Library.

1999 - Solo Exhibition in the Exhibition Hall of the Department of Documents in Foreign Languages of the Transcarpathian Regional Universal Scientific Library

2000 - Solo Exhibition, Baja Municipal Festival, Hungary.

2000 - Solo Exhibition, Kalocsa, Hungary

2005 -  Gutenberg Exhibition Hall, supported by the Budapest Art Friends Association.

2005– Present: Regular participation in group exhibitions and events of the Imre Révész Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists in Transcarpathia and the Association of Professional Artists of Transcarpathia



After studying the basics of painting and composition in the workshops of Zoltán Bakonyi and László Petrecki, the time has come to find ways to express myself through art.    I have always loved countryside walks, being outdoors and travelling. I am constantly observing the landscape around me, let it be the Carpathian valleys and mountain ranges or the hospitable streets of ancient cities in Europe.

Often, having arranged with my artist friends, or all of a sudden we go together to the Carpathians and various creative camps.    Plein air painting is my most enjoyable way of creating - I can express myself most effectively when painting in open air. By exploring impressionism art form I have found its painters' approach to art closest to me. It is the power of the particular moment in time, different times of the day and season, the surrounding atmosphere of nature stretched in front of me that is prompting me to pick a brush and start painting.  

During my work, I do not care much about harmonious matching of colours but rather lay patches of colour onto the canvas in pastel applying short and large brushstrokes to intensify color impression and create visual sensation.  Each painting surface has its own thrust or dynamics.  This dynamics is a response to natural phenomena: how tree leaves are swaying in breeze, or as the creek is finding its wandering path cutting through rocks and flowing over river pebbles.  I put colours on canvas as a result of observations of natural phenomena and in response to their their dynamics. 

Taking a closer look at my works, some pictures can even be interpreted as abstract color field paintings. However, only if we take a step backwards the image will be composed and patches of colour will become a landscape description tool.  The surface of my pictures is not smooth, the slightest brush stroke has an individual visual appeal, its own sense of mass and thrust. The canvas seems to turn into a relief and its images look as though they may have been created of surfaces devided into patches which can be opened up layer by layer and walked through by an attentive viewer.

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