2014 – Present: Member of the Association

Date of Birth: 22 June 1959

Place of Birth: Munkács (Mukachevo), Transcarpathia

Place of residence:  Transcarpathia, Ukraine

Email: robert.villashek@gmail.com

1976- After finishing Secondary School No16 in Mukachevo, applied for admission to Kyiv State Institute of Applied Arts but did not pass the competitive selection.

1977- Applied for admission to the Department of Fine Arts of the Odessa Pedagogical Institute but failed by 1 point. However, I had been offered to take up a course in physics and mathematics. I refused it since I knew I would be an incredibly happy person only if I focused on art in the future.

1978-1980   I performed military service, where I was often charged with making illustrations for propaganda materials.   After the army in addition to painting, I also worked as an illustrator. 

2005– Present Has worked at Mihály Munkácsy Art School in Munkács, as the Head of the Department of Economics 

1974- For the first time took part in the exhibition of paintings in Mukachevo. Since then, I have been an active participant of municipal, regional, national and international exhibitions.

1975-I with my father first took part in a creative camp, headed by painter Zoltán Soltész. Later, I worked with renowned artists and had a possibility to observe masters of the Transcarpathian School of Pasinting.   I met the painter and graphic artists Gábor Glück and Ernő Kontratovics as well as the painter Jurij Herc.

1983- Participated in the National Youth Travelling Exhibition.  

1996- I have regularly participated in international creative camps in Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Romania.

2007– Present: I have already been invited to the Mountain International Art Colony in Budapest 5 times.

2007- One of the founders of KMKE (Carpathian Hungarian Cultural Association, Nyíregyháza) of which I have been a member since then

2013 – Present: Member of the Imre Révész Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists in Transcarpathia


Ars poetica

I didn't have to particularly familiarise myself with painting because creation has been natural to me from my very birth. I am very grateful to my father, Rudolf Villásek, who passed on to me the "art techniques" which Béla Erdélyi had taught to him. My grandfather, János Erdélyi, was also a painter, the younger brother of painter Béla Erdélyi.
Ever since my favorite theme has been landscape painting. I am grateful to God that I was born here in the Carpathians, where I can put the beauty of nature on the canvas. Mostly I love the variety of autumn colors and the magical play of winter lights.

Art is not just about talent. The ability to create requires observations of nature. Also, you need diligence, strong willpower, dedication and determination.  I am willing to keep going this way.

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