2016 – Present: Honorary Member of the Association

Date of Birth: 26 May 1944 

Place of Birth: Ungvár (Uzhgorod)

Place of Residence: Ungvár (Uzhgorod), Transcarpathia, Ukraine

I was born on May 26, 1944 in Ungvár (Uzhgorod). My father, Zoltán Soltész, was a Greek Catholic priest and painter. My mother was Sarolta Méhes, elementary school teacher.



1961-1967 - Studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the Kiev State Art Institute, which I graduated from with honors degree.


Additional Information:

To 1969- Worked as an architectural designer

1969 - to retirement: Worked at the Transcarpathian Art Foundation, in the positions of architect and manager

1969– Present:   Member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine

2006 - Was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine.

2016– Present: Honorary Member of the Imre Révész Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists in Transcarpathia  

Lives and works in Uzhgorod


Solo Exhibitions:

1994, 2004, 2014, 2016 –Uzhgorod  

2006 –Hungary 

2006 - United States of America

1991 – France  


Group Exhibitions:

Uzhgorod, Kiev, Irshava, Košice, Beregovo, Budapest.



Paint smell reminds me of my childhood home; my father was Zoltán Soltész, Greek Catholic priest and painter. Standing beside my father and his palette, I became familiar with beauty and the world, sunlight, colors and nature. Everything is outside there in nature, where I continually find inspiration from. I bring nature-inspired themes to the studio and exhibition halls, and “put” them on my canvas, easels and walls to show others how beautiful everything I have seen is and the natural world in all its glory: the Carpathians, the Beskids and the Tatra Mountains - my country and my home where I belong.

I am a plein air artist, following the traditions of the Transcarpathian School of Painting which bears the distinct features of realism and post-impressionism inherited from the artworks of József Boksay and Béla Erdélyi.  I follow the bright sunshine and in its light I feel the joy and optimism it sheds on places and landscapes so dear to my heart.  This is the message I try to convey to the viewer and if I succeed, it fills me with happiness.

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